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Chase Boat Close Support

​Boat Support - $100 per hour

During the early stages of learning to kiteboard, having close chase boat support is very helpful for building confidence, retrieving frequently lost kiteboards, assisting in the relaunching and recovery of downed kites and for ferrying kiters back to shore after they've drifted downwind. This service is for students who have completed Level C (or can demonstrate proficiency), have their own kiteboarding gear and want to develop their skills through practice with the security and confidence of chase boat support. The chase boat is a 10', 4-person Achilles Hypalon inflatable sport boat with a 6hp outboard motor capable of calm water speeds of 22mph. A soft-hulled inflatable "Zodiac" styled boat is much safer and provides far easier ingress and egress than rigid-hulled boats and has the added advantages of being more maneuverable (owing to its light weight) and more stable while moving around on the boat (owing to the relatively flat shape of the hull and the buoyancy being located around the perimeter).  In order to reduce risk, increase boat performance and promote one-on-one focus, no guests are permitted to ride on the chase boat. 


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