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New for 2015, we're offering our full 3-lesson (6-hour) kiteboarding program for only $375 (50% off) to students who purchase a new Kite/Board/Harness package from us for use in their lessons. With this program, students will be able to learn on, and grow comfortable with their own gear while under our close supervision. As a result, there will be no post-instruction gear learning curve or unwanted surprises for them to face. Buying a gear/lesson package provides a turn-key solution to students at the lowest possible total cost of entry into the sport. You'll know the exact cost beforehand, but based upon a package that includes the 6-hour kite school program, a new 2015 12m Liquid Force kite, 2015 CPR control system, 2015 waist or boardshort harness and 2015 complete board, the total cost will be around $2,700. Your specific gear choices and kite size selection may cause the price to rise or drop (less for smaller kites; more for larger).  


Of course, some students aren't going to feel certain enough about their interest in kiteboarding to financially commit to buying a kite/board/harness package and for them, we'll still have our standard pay-as-you-go lesson program outlined below.  


Our standard kiteboarding program is divided into three, two-hour lessons. The first lesson (Level A) is taught entirely on land and is the only lesson where we offer concurrent student instruction. Level A instruction is $75 per hour, per person, but when there are two students a third hour is added with no additional charge (effectively reducing the cost per hour/per person to $50). Ground school (Level A) is where students learn the kite handling and safety skills that will allow them to progress to their Level B water session. Level B instruction includes one-on-one close boat support, is taught entirely on the water and costs $150 per hour. Level C instruction is when most students learn to get up on the kiteboard and it includes one-on-one close boat support, is taught entirely on the water and also costs $150 per hour.
All gear required to safely and effectively learn to kiteboard is included (with the exception of your personal apparel (i.e. wetsuits, boardshorts, etc.) and since all expenses are included in the lesson price (boat fuel, ramp fees, etc.) there are no hidden cost surprises.   

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