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Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding lessons are taught at beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard with full sized 4-line inflatable kites and 4-line trainer foils. Kitesurfing lessons include gear, on-the-water radio communication and chase boat support.

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Kite Control/Beginner Level A

Private Lesson (1 on 1) - $75 Per Hour

A two-hour kiteboarding lesson covering the basics of kiteboarding. This kitesurfing lesson is taught on land and is the first step to accelerating your learning curve and staying safe.


Skills you will be taught:
- Weather conditions and choosing a safe location
- Basic kiteboarding etiquette and hand signals
- How to set up a four line inflatable kite
- Kite theory and the wind window
- Safety systems, preflight check
- Launching and landing a full-sized inflatable kite
- Flying the kite at the edge of the wind window to generate power
- Activating the leash


Water Control/Beginner Level B

Private Lesson (1 on 1) - $150 Per Hour


This two-hour kiteboarding lesson is taught entirely on the water and allows you to experience the true power of the kite. This is the next step in order to get up and stand up.

Skills you will be taught:
- Body dragging using a kiteboarding harness
- Untwisting the lines with the kite in the air
- Activating the safety quick release
- Controlling the kite with one hand while hooked into the harness
- Body dragging hooked into the harness
- Re-launching the kite in the water
- Performing self-rescues
- Body dragging upwind

Stand-Up/Beginner Level C

Private Lesson (1 on 1) - $150 Per Hour

This two-hour lesson taught entirely on the water emphasizes board control and riding. By the end of this lesson you should be standing up and on your way to being able to ride upwind.

Skills you will be taught:
- Board control
- Water starts in deep water
- Board recovery without using a board leash
- Proper body positioning and edge control
- Generating steady power with the kite
- Riding in both directions
- Appropriate gear selection for wind conditions

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