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GoPro HD 1080p Camera Rental

​One Camera - $20 per lesson​

Two Cameras - $30 per lesson​

3D video Camera - $35 per lesson

If you've ever wanted to star in your own extreme sports movie or just want to have some photographic proof of your adventurous exploits, the GoPro HD Hero cameras are just the tool you need. Capable of shooting up to three hours of full HD video with sound, these waterproof cameras allow you to capture amazing footage of your experiences regardless of conditions and then share or relive your accomplishments later with friends. They can be mounted on helmets, chests or boards to provide a choice of capture angles and to allow for creative editing once you get back to your computer. This service is only available for kiteboarding students. Raw, unedited digital footage will be provided to student following their lesson. All cameras available with provided helmet, chest or board mounts. Click here or on images below to see actual HD GoPro kiteboarding footage.

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