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​Ultimate Package Deal

Private Lessons (1 on 1) 

Level A, B and C instruction plus three hours of post-Level C boat support - $950

- Ultimate Package must be selected and purchased in advance of commencement of services for deal price​.

This lesson package was created in response to requests for a "giftable" kiteboarding lesson program. It allows friends or family to give the gift of kiteboarding to someone who will appreciate it for a lifetime. Included in this package are all three levels of instruction and three hours of post-instruction boat support. The lesson component will provide the fundamentals of the sport and prepare students with the skills and confidence to begin their progression and the boat support time will allow the student to transition with greater confidence from instruction to self-practice. Kites, boards, harnesses and helmets will be provided to students during the instruction phase of the package as well as boat support for all water sessions. This package is purchased in advance and allows the purchaser to save over the cost of purchasing these services individually. 


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